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Dail Dragonfly Martin/Native American flute (an atmosphere of peace)

 Dail Dragonfly Martin is a flutist of Native American music, artist of leather goods, and author of a most beautiful and intriguing book entitled “The Little Cabin in the Woods”. You will marvel at the story of a group of stuffed animals who reside in cabins in a most enchanted woods and every season holds adventures and surprises. Her CD’s “Coyote Moon” and “Destiny” among her many others, are a most wonderful collection of native American flute tunes which bring about a feeling of peace and serenity which remains with you long after the music is over. There are melodies which hold their recognizable lines and quite a bit of interesting improvisation, a most welcomed tool in this style of music. Dail is available for weddings and other social events and can be contacted at 207-627-4352 or 

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


Life is Short (no pun intended) Jennifer Arnold MD, And Bill Klein (the little couple)

little couple With so much enthusiasm at work here, it’s difficult to believe and accept so much turmoil at the same time. This couple is not only cute, but funny, successful, hopeful, and faces life’s “shortcomings” with a positive attitude. The show as well as the book entertain us, grant us access to the inner lives of this family, and let us in on the side bars that are so humorous if you pay attention, but hold our hearts within our hands as we tread carefully over the disappointments, near tragedies, and difficulties this family unit endures. On the lighter side Bill should consider standup comedy as a side thing. His good natured anecdotes and funny comments tosses comic relief in and all around (it isn’t all bad you know). Read about them and learn more about their many sides in this short story (no pun intended)…(well…maybe).

Ringo: With a little Help: Michael Seth Starr

ringoA most revealing revelation about the man with the biggest personality out of the fab four. This collection of recollections, reflections, and memories, some fond and some not so fond are the result of a lifetime achievement of a magnanimous career in just about every aspect of the entertainment business. Having hand a hand (most times both) in films, music, as well as a lifeline rescue of some of the once biggest names in the industry, our star Beatle is a hero. His battles with substance abuse during the breakup and after the Beatle’s proved a strenuous time. However, it is the defeat of the demon that causes one to prevail and he certainly has risen to that place. A friendly face with some daunting times fully captured in his own story is buried within these pages waiting for you to uncover. With a little help…

John Cleese/So Anyway (how to endure life as a python without getting constricted)

cleese    The eclectic manner in which this individual has portrayed himself through our time is one of sheer madness without the loss of mental capacity. The exterior delves beyond the realm of lunacy, whilst the inner humanity remains open, wounded, and honest. That is one small side of John Cleese. As wild as the antics have been whether they be the days of “Monty Python’s Flying  Circus”, “A Fish Called Wanda”, or appearances in a James Bond film as a genius scientist with quite the wit (or at least half of it), he has broken through the seal of relaxed entertainment and propelled his maddening talent as an innovator of comedic instability. By that I mean it is ever evident that his life has spilled onto the canvas that paints us a picture of his talent. His profuse over the top outbursts in the Python days releases a somewhat anxiety that he has been able to use for good, even though many times his heart may have been troubled in his real life. The very transparent words upon these pages translates his feelings into his work. He is quite the honest man in his writing, never really needing to read between the lines (which is extremely refreshing in this day in age). The admiration he had for his mother is a wonderful conceptual perpetual work in progress even though she had been doused within her eccentricities and fears which affected the family. His father , a loving and most patient man noticed what John was enduring alongside his own battle. On a lighter side, the shenanigans never do end, giving life to old bits as well as new ones. The unforgettable “Parrot Sketch”, and the seriously absurd maniacal goings on at “Fawlty Towers” have embraced a new form of insanity ala Cleese. An exhilarating window into the life of a gangly shy young man who soared upon sheep wings and onto a world unleashing a comedic view that does not border on lunacy but defines it…so anyway…

Not Cool/Greg Gutfeld (a young readers guide to the ever sinking ship of fools)

gutfeld       In a world where shame is meaningless and idiocy not only runs a muck but seems to reign supreme, it’s a good thing we have books like this to simplify and simply say who the buffoons really are. This raging sea we call society has disappointed more of us than buying a weekly lotto ticket. We may have to live with them, but we don’t have to be like them. The political arena is now the ultimate stand up comedy central attraction in the known universe (well, at least our general atmosphere, we wouldn’t want to exaggerate) and getting worse all the time. When the intentional decimation of the United States is the plan du jour, and the cowardly so-called leaders are the ones pushing the buttons, then all you have is a very illiterate puppet show on wheels. Glen Beck said this would happen years before anyone else even caught on. Does that size it up? No, there’s more…so much more. Who cares if your tee-shirt has some idiots name or logo on it? Does that justify the additional eighty dollar asking price just to satisfy that boneheaded crowd you’ve gotten yourself swept up in? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. If you genuinely like it, then I shouldn’t stop you from it, but if it’s a mere matter of uniformity then toss that decrepit idea to the dusty road and run. Don’t let others dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t have, what you should think, or what you should believe. They’ve made a total, complete, and uncompromised mockery of our country, our God, and our minds. Who are they? They are the self-righteous loser goon squad who follow like a lost herd of sheep without a net or a shepherd. You have become entangled in a sticky web of lies and rationale. It’s time to stand and deliver the master stroke of thinking for one’s self, an almost completely lost art. Greg rummages through your mental closet and reboots your matrix into a self-awareness that frees the enslaved. There is a war going on…we are in it, and it’s not cool.

Stephen King/Mr. Mercedes (DWK:driving while killing)

mr mercedes     How many madmen does it take to drive a stolen Mercedes wildly, blindly, and deliberately into a crowd of unsuspecting victims, fully intending to take the credit? Well, one actually. That’s all it takes to fathom and deliver a streaming bloody trajectory of carnage and still make the six o’clock news. In the throes of suicide, depression, alcohol, and a daunting retirement, a cop on the verge of calling it quits here on planet earth receives a taunting letter from our favorite vehicular maniac who’s obviously not quite ready to put it in park just yet. Leaving nothing to chance, a desperate attempt to nail down the apostate of the open road, a host of clues, a barrage of bodies, and a much unintended hero in a transient state, lost and looming in a world somewhere between self murder and vanity, regards the rantings of a lunatic on the fringe. With more death teetering on the precipice of a frontier gone asunder, the killer lures this lone cop out of hiding, giving chase, and rides once again with death on wheels as the prime directive.

Old Tales of the Maine Woods/More Old Tales of the Maine Woods (Steve Pinkham)

woods 1woods 2      In the days of old when the heavy horses thundered by across the wild plains and the weathercock pointed its directional arrow via the speeding wind and showed us its strength and velocity, there were other goings on in them thar woods. The quests and secrets entailed within the howling wind and the grasp of the unknown filled the minds of certain woodsmen with hidden tales, some buried, some told, about the land they stalked from generation to generation. Tales that have intertwined, folklore, legend, and fairy tales bordered with truth for hunters, hikers, and woodsmen have fashioned and spun campfire stories with personal amendments have tantalized us for many a year around the old late night fire. Bear attacks, Bobcat sightings, shortcuts through treacherous terrain, and unexplained sounds have forever been a part of the Maine woods and their myths and accounts. Songs from the wood and fires at midnight accompany Bigfoot sightings, unexplainable tracks, and lost people have eluded us and helped shape these strange and dark tales of the woods. The late night burning, then dying embers indicate the time passed while recounting those very anecdotes peppered with elaborations, embellishments, truth, and imaginations. Out in those old woods where ones mind can tend to wander, it doesn’t always have to be dark to have the feeling you are being watched…