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Dail Dragonfly Martin/Native American flute (an atmosphere of peace)

 Dail Dragonfly Martin is a flutist of Native American music, artist of leather goods, and author of a most beautiful and intriguing book entitled “The Little Cabin in the Woods”. You will marvel at the story of a group of stuffed animals who reside in cabins in a most enchanted woods and every season holds adventures and surprises. Her CD’s “Coyote Moon” and “Destiny” among her many others, are a most wonderful collection of native American flute tunes which bring about a feeling of peace and serenity which remains with you long after the music is over. There are melodies which hold their recognizable lines and quite a bit of interesting improvisation, a most welcomed tool in this style of music. Dail is available for weddings and other social events and can be contacted at 207-627-4352 or 

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


John Tercyak “Entertainer”

Every so often a moment can make all of the difference. For example, at a local craft show we were awaiting the many expected vendors and their wares and the many varied arts they brought with them. Upon our travailing through the center a lone minstrel was courting us all with his flowing music emanating from his instruments, much like the little drummer boy…except with stringed instruments instead of percussion. What a delight! Among much of the hand crafted items stood a lone man with his craft being shown in sound. And a wonderful sound it was. Melodic notes and a beautiful voice with his guitar. After speaking with him, and by request he switched to the fiddle. One of the best fiddlers I had ever heard filled the center. This experience can be captured on one of his many CD’s, Celtic in the Courtyard” (solo Celtic Fiddle). His collection of original compositions are also found on “I Always Fall in Love Alone”. With the Christmas season upon us, you may like to give a listen to his Christmas CD, “Christmas Carols”, a very moving compilation of true Christmas songs sung with heart. Available to play at weddings, parties, and more. You can find out more by reaching out to or 

“Ringo” Give More Love

 Ringo Starr is a most consistent entertainer. Not only does he continue with his music career, put out albums, and tour, but he does it very well. His musical efforts are more than satisfying. He rocks, surrounds himself with excellent musicians (as well as himself), and endeavors and expands the songs into other realms such as an almost country version of “Don’t Pass Me By”, the first song Ringo says he ever wrote. Yet, here it is revamped and new, and shining like his sunglasses. We also revisit and alternate take of “Back Off Boogaloo”, one of his earliest solo songs after the Beatles breakup. Photograph from the famous “Ringo” album is featured as well. It seems Ringo’s goal has always been to have fun at what he does. And he does. He’s cool, easygoing, talented, and has an extreme steady line of successful singles in his wake. Still one of our innovators after all this time.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Bangor Celtic Crossroads and Bangor Arts Exchange Present “Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald”

As the early evening progressed, the beautiful upstairs venue welcomed the avid Celtic followers of such a genre either to their seats or the quickly filling concession stand all ready for an evening of Scottish and Gaelic influence. The band consisted of Scottish Border pipes, which were not of typical origin, powered by a bellows rather than mouth, two alternately tuned fiddles, and last but not least, the acoustic guitar. This amazing collaboration fueled the stage from the powerhouse regions of such lands with the traditional stomping, to the delicately arranged and near melancholy melodies. Typically, the guitar remains as a rhythm instrument in the Celtic world, but the chains of restraint were broken last night as lead guitar melodies spewed out in a wildly organized manner. The bands speaker, Ben Miller, is apparently quite the knowledgeable historian in matters of the Celtic background stories behind the songs they play which is quite refreshing really since many of the numbers are instrumental in nature and the musical voice does not reveal either the sadness, oppression, or happiness hidden within the musical notes. Anita MacDonald devoured her fiddles with organized abandon. Her quick witted fingers not only kept the pace but superseded in accuracy and speed. Her  lively Irish stepdancing not only pleased the crowd, but was very true to form. The music is touching, rambunctious, and and sweet as portrayed on their new CD, “A Day at the Lake” where many of the styles witnessed are ever present and finely recorded. A wonderful evening of Celtic collusion. 

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

“Childsplay” Live at The Gracie Theatre

 Along comes a battalion of twenty one wonderful musicians placed together in a rolling menagerie of singing, virtuosity, and instrumental expertise. The magnificent compilation of musicians joined together from all different portions of musical experience stemming from the Boston Pops, the Colorado Philharmonic, and with John Williams are all influenced by Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian fiddle traditions. The amazing brainchild of Bob Child and his hand made fiddle masterpieces extends itself to a huge onstage show where the fullness of sound knows no bounds. Their new and sixth CD “As the Crow Flies” is reminiscent of the aforementioned influences and a whole lot more. Such an intense format sparks a wide circle of improvisation as per all of the mastery this band of minstrels in the gallery. This melodic event takes place at the prestigious Gracie Theatre  on Friday November 17th t 7:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased by calling…

207-941-7888 or online GRACIETHEATRE.COM

See you there…and bring your stomping shoes.


Bangor Celtic Crossroads Presents “BARRULE” live at the Hammond Street Congregational Church (from the wee isle of Man)

   I asked this talented triumvirate what Barrule meant, and without hesitation a tale had begun to spin, much like during their wonderful performance, adding humor and bits of stories both of their experiences here in the states as well as back home. And as we all know, this portion of the world is duly noted for its colorful legends and folklore. It seems Barrule is a mythical place on the isle of man located in the Irish sea where a sea god exists which may sway its will upon anything within its path. This legend still holds true today. These boys came together a few years ago and veered in and out of other bands yet continued to play together. Keeping a most fresh approach to their art, they adopted many various styles of music and holding on to what could be gleaned into their triumphant trio. Each of them play many instruments which incorporates their accumulation of township tastes. In as much as different towns have different dialects, the music styles become somewhat territorial in nature, only to be melded into other styles and variations which creates new flavors as part of the freshness musicians seek after. The album “Manannan’s Cloak” is an amazing compilation of these aforementioned styles and hidden virtuosity one will pick up on who holds an ear for multi-notation (or just fast fingers.) They filled the walls of the church with foot stomping as well as tenderness ranging from fast numbers to ballads from home. This is a very well rounded band which can flee in any direction and keep you within its wide range of musical circles. A great event.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

Gentle Giant/Three Piece Suite (and then there were giants)

     As our world turns we admire some new talent and some we should be seriously scoffing at. Our GIANT friends as gentle as they may be, have through the years accompanied themselves with one of the most unique combinations of musical tyranny. They’ve landed in the midst of progressive rock with an odd paragon at every turn. One could attempt to describe them as Yes has a head on collision with The Mothers of Invention with Frank Zappa at the helm. The music is fantastically arranged with multi vocal spheres of sound surrounded by masterful and may I add intricate walls of distinct virtuosity. This CD compilation compiled of selections from their first three albums unites and writes a prequel to where the Giants direction was heading. This is a grand collection spanning from the acoustical methodology of the bands talents all the way to the experimental. The Blue Ray offers incredulous instrumentals showing the areas of bestowed musical ranges from instrument to instrument. There are extras which  will allow you to sample for yourself as well. This is indeed and honest calliope of sound only revisited by the only giant left standing.     

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos By Susan D’Alessandro