Heron Valley Live at the Bangor Arts Exchange

 You never know what can come out of Scotland. It has always been its own through the years with a most interesting history. From freedom to its most intriguing folklore, its music has also transpired as well as kept its traditions. And those beautiful traditions have been well transcended into Heron Valley. A most interesting blend of upbeat foot stomping tempo bouncing to the heartfelt dominating lyrics that unleash the sadness felt in ones heart and love for country. Instrumentally they are a tight fit unit, vocally strong and even whimsical in a “cheeky” sense as expressed by the band from the beginning of the show for our best interest in audience participation. The tales told were as much a part of the concert as the music itself. A history unleashed is a history explained. Old stories carried down through the ages gives a fresh new light shining upon the untold meaning within a song. The bands new album “Roam” has all of those qualities and more. From the energetic to the sublime this fresh recording has captured their stage presence as well as their sincerity in their music. Let their melodies sing in your hearts too.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

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