Yankee Cobbler Shoe Repair (a fine art for the community)

   In a throwaway world where another whatever lies waiting in the wings to be bought again and again, the wondrous art of shoe cobbler extends it gracious almost lost art to the open community at large. This is one of the only cobblers who service such a challenge. Shoes are a great commodity if you adore certain ones. It basically brings a tear to the eye when their time has come to retire them if the are one of our favorite pair. And yet, to the rescue comes one of the oldest professions to relieve us of this impending sadness. Proprietor Jonathan D. Lambert heads such a workmanship to us and our foot apparel. In one of the oldest buildings in downtown bangor Maine he has offered his services for the past thirteen years with amazing results. Admittedly, Jonathan tells us that this breed of shoe repair is a most dying part of the business world and yet he has held on for a good portion of time. Part of the difficulty is finding those willing to learn such an apprenticeship. However, they have been an asset to the Bangor community and beyond. This was a start up business, born and raised here in Maine, Jonathan and his worthy machines fill the bill even though sometimes repairing them can be a challenge. Though there may not be a high calling for cobblers nowadays, this place holds steady, fast, and true, keeping this fine art open to the community.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


1 thought on “Yankee Cobbler Shoe Repair (a fine art for the community)

  1. Mike

    I miss quality in shoes. Things used to be built to last. The cobbler was as much artist as repairman as he had a quality foundation to work with. Cheaper quality makes lasting repair more difficult now.


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