Bangor Celtic Crossroads and Launchpad presents The Gothard Sisters Live at the Bangor Arts Exchange (they come in three’s)

gothard sistersThe Celtic world is a far cry from the commercial availability splashed all over as far as the eye can see. It is a world placed in a most special genre, full of stories, legends, and folklore (perhaps even a few outrageous embellishments within some of those stories). And yet, those are the very tales in which we flock to hear, enriching an experience of honesty and musicianship. The Gothard Sisters were no exception to this rule. They fully encased the path on which they’ve taken. Their entertaining flair and delightful combination of musical instruments engaged an ever changing combination of sound and song. It was a wondrous sight to see siblings so given to their art and each other and it was very evident in their selections for the evening. Their latest album “Midnight Sun” and its title cut told us a truthful tale of the bright star not fully at rest at its dwindling time of the night. “Against the Grain” and its sorted explanation left us to look forward to the song rather than its humorous and complex analysis (only kidding). The evening followed up with additional songs of love, sailors, and fantasies. And of course the percussive wars between varied drums and their quick hearted pounding. This sisterly triumvirate of talent was a Celtic success.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photo by Susan D’Alessandro

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