Justin S. Walton/It Takes a Toll/Blood from a Stone (innovation at its best)

 Justin S. Walton is a multi talented songwriter, singer, musician, and musical innovator. In his solo projects he has expanded to playing all instrument himself as opposed to remaining with his basic instrument, the guitar with his band, Dreadnaught. I can say as a musician myself, that it is quite impressive to have creative control over the very sounds you hear within your head as you compose and eventually complete the song you ventured out to construct. He covers just about any genre you can imagine from the heavy hitting numbers to the the acoustic melodies and everywhere in between. The vocals seem to adapt to the style and strength of the songs as they flow freely and join together to complete his creations. The solo albums,” It Takes a Toll”, and “Blood from a Stone” are mutually complementary to each other. An excellent musical effort with innovation at its best at the helm.   

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


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