Danny Harper/On the Edge (of greatness)

   Usually we endeavor to let an album stand for itself based on it content. In this instance there is so much more to encounter. Not only is this Danny Harper’s best album to date, but it’s content not only stands on music and lyrics alone. It has created a citadel of honesty to where one can find rest within the walls of the truth he sings from the heart. I had to listen to “On the Edge” twice in a row just to make sure I didn’t miss any of its deep rooted meanings. “The Real Deal” couldn’t have described the man better. He stands for what he stands for and that’s the end of the conversation. As a true archivist of the sound of country music,  its clean sound is preserved and spouted from the rooftops in its purest form on this album with no pussyfootin’ allowed. The recording is crystal clear and musically it dominates the nature of the style he wholeheartedly portrays. Lyrically it has massive strength with faith and honor as its brother and sister. The writing is musically tasteful with all of the proper twangs and strums in the right places. Undoubtedly the best album to come out in a long time (or at least since Danny’s last album). He’s on the edge…of greatness.

Written by John D’Alessanro

Photo by Susan D’Alessandro


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