Jethro Tull/Songs from the Wood/40th Anniversary Edition/The Country Set (with nothing from the kitchen, gutter, plenty of rhymes, and no divers)

   These box sets are truly an amazing find for fellow Tullians from the first to the present. I have adored and enjoyed everyone of them. The color book within the encompassing walls of this package is an eye opener. Hearing from the band mates is an extraordinary insight as to the inner workings of the band itself, Ian Anderson placed aside if we could just for a moment or two…maybe three. I had mentioned all of these sets were fantastic, and that is true, however, the “Songs from the Wood Edition” is the best one to date as far as the inner book is concerned. If you have read them all (and you should) as I have, you will truly experience the comradely of this wonderfully constructed band of blended styles coming together in unison as one solid musical machine. And each one of them has their own spark to add to what is known as Jethro Tull. The individual experiences are aptly expressed as the gentlemen they are. Certain disasters, memories of sleeping in an old studio, and fond thoughts about each other and what great musicians they are are a noted complimentary addition to the already renowned band. The live footage (two hours worth…a whole concert really) is a terrific surprise. In visual form or CD format, the music’s superiority is in leaps and bounds. Nothing from the kitchen nor gutter found here. Merely songs from the wood…

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


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