“Childsplay” Live at The Gracie Theatre

 Along comes a battalion of twenty one wonderful musicians placed together in a rolling menagerie of singing, virtuosity, and instrumental expertise. The magnificent compilation of musicians joined together from all different portions of musical experience stemming from the Boston Pops, the Colorado Philharmonic, and with John Williams are all influenced by Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian fiddle traditions. The amazing brainchild of Bob Child and his hand made fiddle masterpieces extends itself to a huge onstage show where the fullness of sound knows no bounds. Their new and sixth CD “As the Crow Flies” is reminiscent of the aforementioned influences and a whole lot more. Such an intense format sparks a wide circle of improvisation as per all of the mastery this band of minstrels in the gallery. This melodic event takes place at the prestigious Gracie Theatre  on Friday November 17th t 7:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased by calling…

207-941-7888 or online GRACIETHEATRE.COM

See you there…and bring your stomping shoes.



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