Bangor Celtic Crossroads Presents “BARRULE” live at the Hammond Street Congregational Church (from the wee isle of Man)

   I asked this talented triumvirate what Barrule meant, and without hesitation a tale had begun to spin, much like during their wonderful performance, adding humor and bits of stories both of their experiences here in the states as well as back home. And as we all know, this portion of the world is duly noted for its colorful legends and folklore. It seems Barrule is a mythical place on the isle of man located in the Irish sea where a sea god exists which may sway its will upon anything within its path. This legend still holds true today. These boys came together a few years ago and veered in and out of other bands yet continued to play together. Keeping a most fresh approach to their art, they adopted many various styles of music and holding on to what could be gleaned into their triumphant trio. Each of them play many instruments which incorporates their accumulation of township tastes. In as much as different towns have different dialects, the music styles become somewhat territorial in nature, only to be melded into other styles and variations which creates new flavors as part of the freshness musicians seek after. The album “Manannan’s Cloak” is an amazing compilation of these aforementioned styles and hidden virtuosity one will pick up on who holds an ear for multi-notation (or just fast fingers.) They filled the walls of the church with foot stomping as well as tenderness ranging from fast numbers to ballads from home. This is a very well rounded band which can flee in any direction and keep you within its wide range of musical circles. A great event.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


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