Ruaile Buaile Live at Next Generation Theatre (there’s a new style in town)

  Celtic roots have long since held a most traditional foothold in the known world as a mythical and ancestral style of music. It leaned heavily upon its Irish lore for stories of old and family customs. These ideas have most certainly been upheld through the years and have shaped what we’ve come to know as Celtic music. That is until four young lads known as Ruaile Buaile (rhymes with Julia Julia) came onto the scene and have changed all that. Their perspective with regard and respect for the style, which shines through, has been altered to fit everyone’s need for a most diversified musical style. Incorporating rock, folk, traditional, in heavier and lighter numbers have opened up the world to a whole new technique with a Celtic flair. With this new concept, many more can enjoy this wave of music reaching an even wider audience hitting on contemporary as well as classics. They are definitely a live band that perform with precision, playing with all they’ve got to give. Their personal influences shine through their songs with a healthy dose of improvisation and jamming. Their new album “Commotion” is a grand example of how these personal influences have driven the band to incorporate a live energy within their studio recordings. The Celtic rules have now been broken with due honor and vivacious power. 

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


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