Ten Bucks Theatre Presents “Shakespeare Under the Stars” The Merry Wives of Windsor

      The great Bard, the weaver of tragedies, the writer of writers who can be still your beating heart…Well this time he has taken quite a turn. This highly comedic and entertaining Falstaff fiasco will toss you to the parallel universe of Shakespeare’s humorous side of life. A most intriguing self inflicted mess of meddling misadventure turns our pompous Master Falstaff into a target to the delight of those he wished to deceive. The actors are brilliant (and who wouldn’t be to memorize Shakespeare) with their exaggerated development of their colorful characters. Be sure to keep watch for their wordless facial expressions which sometimes say more than their words, not to mention the not too blatant and yet not too hidden Monty Python references complete with accents. See this masterpiece performed again at Fort Knox in Bucksport Thursday through Sunday (August 3,4,5, and 6) at 6 P.M. and prepare to be dazzled. The fault lies not in our stars but in not attending. (469-6553 for tickets or e-mail fofk1@aol.com for more information fortknox.maineguide.com/). 

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro


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