Rusalka from the Met at the Grand Auditorium Ellsworth Maine

rscn3212_1254   rusalkaDvorak’s mystical journey delves into the mythical, near supernatural encounter with his highly imaginative escapade from a fairy tale like perspective. She treads upon the world in which she lives to enter a realm of love, unbeknownst to her that her own longing for such a prize will not only enchant her, but will also cause her pain and sorrow. Rusalka longs for these wondrous gifts, yet, finds only rejection at its core. Seeking redemption she thrusts herself deeper than she ever imagined into an embroiled path, misguided and lost, only to find that love and tragedy are forever intertwined where the heart is concerned. See the spectacular event on February 25th at 12:55 p.m. at the Grand Auditorium in Ellsworth Maine from the Met.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

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