Maine Military Supply, Inc. (safety and education as your best weapon)

rscn1020_1622   Our world has changed. We’ve come a long way from leaving our doors unlocked when we lay down our heads at night. It’s become a world of security systems, codes, neighborhood watches, and rottweilers. And yet, bad things still happen. We’re practically forced to take advanced measures to protect our loved ones, and the things we’ve worked so hard for to merely have them taken away by some miscreants who simply won’t abide by the laws of the land. One step further would be to exercise our second amendment constitutional right to bear arms. Nothing is without responsibility, and learning how to use, maintain, and correctly fire a firearm is key to that understanding. Fortunately we have in our midst a most responsible institution in Maine Military Supply located in Holden Maine. fscn0983_1628  In our conversation with owner, Frank Spizuoco, we discovered the stores origins from humble beginnings, growing into a place which serves its community in every facet of the business they are in. In fact, sales and statistics strongly indicate that gun sales have not only increased, but are shared by people of all walks of life including women where even manufacturers have begun creating designs for guns catering to that population in colors and styles and ease of operation. All the while Maine Military has kept education, caution, and safety as a precursor to gun ownership. Our instructor, Tim, who was more than gracious to us with valuable knowledge and step by step instructions as to the mechanics, viable shooting details, and maintenance of the weapon exercised patience and ability to novices such as ourselves. His verbal and hands on instruction quickly built our confidence in handling and executing proper shooting. fscn1000_1644 Maine Military Supply provides a safe firing range, all the products you would ever need, and a weapon specifically suggested to meet your requirements. Whether for hunting, protection, or enjoyment, Maine Military soars above and beyond your expectations.

fscn1018_1660   Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

2 thoughts on “Maine Military Supply, Inc. (safety and education as your best weapon)

  1. carole

    Excellent article. I remember when Eric and I went to a shooting range somewhere in Maine. I believe it was the York Beach area. We were shown the cup and saucer way to hold and fire a gun, safety instructions, and respect for the weapon . Great instructor. Then we went to the target area with him. Put the headset on, shoved the earplugs in, ran the target down the track and fired away. Eric went back twice to the instructor to buy a box of bullets. We really enjoyed it. It took the fear out of handling a gun. Always safety first. We bought Tee shirts when we were finished. More people should get instruction and knowledge of firearms even if you never own one. Thanks John and Susan.


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