The Search for Rat Fink (a nostalgic moment in time)

rat-fink-blue     As a child my grandmother would sometimes give me some spare change to throw away in those silly gum machines for what most of the time tossed out gum, those endless beads with the clips that you hooked together, or maybe even something cool…like a little Rat Fink figurine. This wretched looking thing was the goofiest rat I had ever seen. Therefore, as a boy it caught my attention. I knew nothing about the artist behind it, or the other hot rod stuff portrayed alongside it. No, just this crazy tiny plastic rodent that made me smile. Since then, of course I don’t know what became of my little wacked out friend, but as an adult some of these insignificant nostalgic things seem suddenly important to me. My wife has been asking me what i wanted for Christmas and being that I seem to like odd things which are somewhat difficult to locate…we are at a standstill. My plea is if anyone who reads this has one of these kooky things I am earnestly looking for and would like to make a grown up kid very happy for Christmas, would you please contact me and let me know if I may give this big rat a home? I most sincerely thank you from the bottom of my nostalgic heart.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photo by Susan D’Alessandro


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