The Gracie Theatre Presents “Coig” (in a celtic Christmas celebration)

coig   Thursday, December 8th, at seven p.m., a five piece east coast band of musical instrument slingers will take the stage at the beloved Gracie Theatre. Coig which means “five” in Gaelic has already taken on tradition within the name they don themselves with. Their Celtic folkloristic minstrels in the gallery ancient style comes shining through as they travel through time in a musical venture that incorporates sounds of generations past and their more recent audience shaking ones as well. A vast musical calliope of varied instruments from the stringed to the woodwind encircles the atmosphere and creates the very sound that is Coig. From the delicate ballads to the foot stomping super audience participation numbers, the Celtic theme will reign supreme and bring us together to enjoy the sounds of their heartland. Come join us as this celebration invites us one and all from the haunting and heartwarming relics to the contemporary to open the the season for us all.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photo by Susan D’Alessandro

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