The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company (an expedition with the atlanticat)

fscn2562_1062 What some people call a boat ride or a day trip at sea may very well be called so, if that is what your intentions consist of out in the open waters. However if you take on the mighty ocean, braving the unsteady waters with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company, well then, you’ve abandoned your little ride for an expedition. The Atlanticat searches the ocean with you as a participant and not merely a spectator. You will see the majesty of those majestic mammals of the sea in all their splendor.fscn2723_1125 The comfortable ship takes you thirty five miles out beyond the outer regions of the oceanic world where not too many have dared to tread. The expert speakers will fill you in on historical information pertaining to whales and other creatures your eyes may fall upon. rscn2765_1098They will tell you of the ships power, and other structural sights along the way such as the research facility next to a historic lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. All in all, the thrill of the journey amongst the great wide open will be a time you will not easily forget. Take a deep breath and take in the watery world you will venture upon with the Atlanticat, the brainchild of Zack Klyver, adventurer, naturalist, and sometimes angler.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

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