Applebees (the place to be for a night out)

fscn3021_1214  Getting dressed up  and going out to a special place is always fun and sometimes exciting. There are those times when something comes up or just a casual special occasion may flow your way and you just want to slip out quietly and relax. With those thoughts in mind, Applebees fills the gap. They offer most everything the almighty menu can offer. Their appetizers are a meal in themselves. The classic one shells out a sample of everything right down to the artichoke dip with chips. The kids may not reach for the dip but the chips will vanish (more artichoke dip for you parents). Try the tender steaks cooked just the way you like them and there are always specials about. Sides are not a problem. Kids and adults alike will have an abundance to choose from without a problem. They are all so good and the atmosphere is nice. So if you are a tad tired, maybe even coming home from a long drive, or just want to have one of those free nights, stop in at Applebees in Bangor and have a night out.

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photo by Susan D’Alessandro


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