Mason’s Brewing Company (The Maine Place)

FSCN1618_794     Building a new business is never a simple task, especially in this days economy. Without a formula you may as well invest in underwater sand castles. It takes a bold step forward with a dream, followed by a vision to attract, enhance, and sell such a venture to the world at large. This formulatic equation has been realized in the form of Mason’s Brewing Company. The idea combined with a million dollar waterfront viewRSCN1719_793 has created the very essence of what a loudly proclaims Maine. They brew their own beer through a most complex and intricate series of careful steps in which we’ve seen on a tour of its innermost workings.FSCN1605_803 Being primarily a brewery first, the food has been delegated to surround its precious liquid masterpieces. Enjoy a fully loaded battery of beer flavors in a journey from the pale to the dark, alongside some hefty pulled pork, a burger that will bite you back with its tantalizing flavor, and desserts that will tell you it’s alright to gain a pound. Whether you land upon a lunch during the sunlit hours or enjoy the quiet surroundings of the evening, you will not be disappointed. As so many other establishments are eager for success, Jake the manager has taken that ambition to an even higher level with his enthusiasm to continually develop and pursue different foods and brews to allow Mason’s to expand its task to be better all the time and to provide a comfortable experience for its patrons. Enjoy a Rye Pale Ale, a slightly more robust Hefeweizen, a hearty, almost beefy Roggen, or even bordering the dark side with a Black IPA.FSCN1611_799 The choice is yours. The mastery of the time spent at Mason’s will open up a moment you’ll always remember. Your experience will be even more special with Ashley as your server, sporting a vast knowledge of the menu, excellent suggestions, and kindness.FSCN1616_796 Mason’s is a Maine experience you need to taste for yourself. Cheers!

Written by John D’Alessandro

Photos by Susan D’Alessandro

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