King Llama/Return to Ox

king llama  At long last, a band who has emerged from the modern day ash heap to boldly and fearlessly put together a plethora of sound that engages all of the dimensions into one general theory of relativity. This band has the courage to approach such a project in an instrumental fashion without a net of saving grace. They have interpolated the best portions of rock that are the more than essential to the lost art that has long been forgotten. There are heavy lines of progressive rock ala Yes, King Crimson, and dare I say beyond original conceptual thought. Feelings of jazz, both experimental and even in the style of Pat Metheny with Ryan Tanner and his six string razor at the helm touching both the melodic as well as the bombastic. A most interesting note is that Nico Staub plays some of most intricate and tasteful bass lines ever to come along in recent music. Instead of surpressing the bass he unleashes it to its full potential. Drummer Luis Briones designates his percussive devices in seven ten time along with the styles of Bill Bruford and the like but simulates his own mixture of the aforementioned musical styles. A refreshing burst of musical flavor makes them kings of the wild frontier.

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