Jethro Tull/ Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die (the tv special edition)

tull too old These assorted compilations that find their way through the stones of years are some of the most wonderful collections ever assembled. How else would we truly delve headlong into the inside world of a band that has been more than a multiple milestone in the realm of music (especially if that band were your favorite). For example, the short career of one John Glasscock and his ever ready bass guitar, the countless recordings and outtakes of certain songs popular or reclusive. I always wanted to hear an instrumental version of Salamander, thinking the rapid acoustic duel between Ian Anderson and Martin Barre (which incidentally Martin won) is a hidden jewel. The photographs included in the eighty page book are warm and telling of the company Tull has had walk through their door. Strange how certain songs can connect to others and yet have separate albums assembled. Strip cartoon is pretty much a lost soul of a tune but found its way onto this set. An early version of One Brown Mouse, originally found on Heavy Horses gives way to an incomplete sound as well. The video aspects are on the DVD’s with TV specials, surround sound capability, and remasters. This collection is a most interesting assortment of Jethro Tull at a time when they weren’t too old then and certainly the music is not prepared to die.

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