Jethro Tull Aqualung 40th Anniversary Adapted Edition

aqualung   This would be a separate installment from the previous double CD Anniversary issue of the famed Aqualung album which held many interesting connections to other albums during the recording sessions of its time. A remix of the album in its entirety guides us through the first disc, remixed by Steven Wilson. Disc two holds the lost and yet found bits of Tull’s alternate universe with a quite different perspective of their masterful songs prior to the ones that made it onto the the master cut. The more seriously diverse being the version of My God with an unconventional choral interpretation and flute solo. Throughout this passage of time and music, a most elaborate friend will be your guide in the form of a book chocked full of photos, information, and all things Tull. Hearing the actual thoughts and discussions of band mates is a most fascinating area since most of the time they have remained silent through those musical years. Continuing through this Passion Play we’ve arrived at the DVD portion of our illustrious journey. Once again we encounter the esteemed Aqualung album in 5.1 surround, treating the ears to a musical candy storm. In some ways Disc two has the potential to be the most interesting stop in this chronicle. It holds its songs within the caption of simple, yet intriguing little videos the way they once were before we entered the world of multi-thousand flashes of undecipherable images. A classic album with a soon to be classic read. Perhaps you too may someday find yourselves sitting on a park bench with Aqualung…

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