The Collins Center for the Arts Presents Gaetano Donizetti’s Roberto Devereux from The Met

roberto    Queen Elizabeth is forced to sign the death warrant of a nobleman who she is in love with. Yet, if he pledges his absolute loyalty and devotion it may be able to be dissuaded. After all, he is an influential member of the court of the Queen of England. The opera carries it own brand dramatic conviction as each character is unique in their plight. Sadness overwhelms the performance as the Queen’s demand for unshakable allegiance spirals her into a jealous rage, near frenzy, for she realizes Roberto’s love for Sara as her own maddening anger becomes bitter resentment. Death of lovers shrouds the stage with confrontation and allegations as the Queen is haunted by a headless corpse screaming for vengeance. The opera is raw and emotional with an extraordinary musical accompaniment. What a way to end this wonderful series at The Collins Center for the Arts. See you all next season.

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