Big G’s Deli (home of the Godzilla sandwich)

FSCN0038_088  Forget about getting less and paying more. When you walk through the doors at Big G’s Deli in Waterville Maine prepare yourself for a time travel back in time. Not only is the food amazing, but the sandwiches are so gargantuan you’ll need to pause before finishing the last bite. FSCN0051_096These dinosaur size hand held monsters will make you happy you skipped breakfast (which they provide heartily as well).  FSCN0042_091Choose celebrity named cold cuts bountifully placed onto fresh baked bread, or throw yourself into a delectably spiced massive burrito or a whole host of other possibilities.FSCN0035_086 Order a night of Italian food with your choice of pastas served with bread (of course). Have a salad on the side or make it a meal. There are so many finds on the menu, you’ll just have to take your time and choose wisely. Then again…you could always just come back and bring home a whopper of a whoopie pie.FSCN0064_100

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