Danny Harper: It’s Who I Am (unconditional honesty no matter what)

danny harper     I waited to feature this amazing album until now so that it would ring fresh for the rest of the coming year. It has certainly been a long time in any genre where truth and honesty in words and music has taken a front seat before the glitz, glam, and gunk which has been filling up the airwaves for far too long has been ousted. A most refreshing collection of country music the way it ought to be has arrived in the form of one Danny Harper. Having seen him in concert has only strengthened this sentiment. His open hearted commentary about his life, his experiences (good or bad), and definite appreciation of our country and all that once made it great is exemplified deep within the doldrums of his songs. Whether they rock you, lull you. or bring you a smile, this man has captured the essence that makes us truly fulfilled, the love of God, true patriotism, and good old fashioned country music unadulterated by commercialism. The title speaks for itself, as does the man.

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