A Heartwarming Afternoon with Danu at the Collins Center for the Arts

danu   An afternoon of splendor and music extravaganza filled the Collins Center on Sunday afternoon. It had been a time of peace, joy, and Irish tradition in the truest sense, not to mention a few comical anecdotes pertaining to the sometimes dreaded family gatherings and the expected shenanigans that go along with the challenging territory. Their talent is beyond evident, surrounded by honest words and personal stories interpolating towns from whence they came and the characters that dwell in them. It is within those circles that townsfolk radiate the inspiration for the long standing tales portrayed in the songs that have been told for centuries. Hand clapping and foot stomping followed many of Danu’s numbers as audience participation rambles its way about the arena. This action from the start had been an involuntary reflex keeping up with the speed and agility of their Irish tunes. The range of the songs stemmed from flamboyant lightening to the caressing of the heart and its many strings. A true contrast blended ever so divinely. The ancient pieces forever hold their richness and their originals are indeed astounding in their sound. All of the vocals flowed with precision and perused their way over the many melodic instruments. A profound moment in time overflowing with dancing from the most gifted of dancers and tales of folklore ever to be told.

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