The Beatles 1 Deluxe Edition (sound and Vision)

beatle 1   This ultimate edition of the Beatles number one hits envelopes all circles of media in its fullest sense. In a day when videos had not yet entered our realm of entertainment, these boys have a giant closet full of footage to boot out for our viewing delight. The fab four on this celebrated collection of hits spanning an incredible career of music has brought them all together in a package to satisfy even the most discriminating Beatle fan. The CD is crisp and clear along with an obvious recorded mastery. The super part is the amazing bits of live footage, promos, early films, and imaginative handy work at the hands of some creative artists renditions of Beatle perception (see “Come Together”). The grandmaster disc also includes some spoken tid bits from Ringo and Paul. The rarity alone is worth the price of admission. Get your hands on one of these and recall those days when our mop top boys ruled the airwaves.

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