Treworgy Family Orchards (a Maine family farm)

RSCN0248     When a merchant marine returned home after a three month stint at sea to find his child not knowing who he was, Mr. Treworgy came to the realization that this was not the life he wanted for his family. Abandoning his life at sea, he acquired a sizable piece of land and tried his hand at farming. After much toil and sweat the land gave no purchase and disappointment set in. A passage of time and dozens of odd jobs later, he attempted to sell the land, but there were no takers. Forced to keep this albatross he decided to give farming another go. This time success was in his favor. The land yielded much fruit and thus began what we know today as Treworgy Family Orchards.

RSCN0249FSCN0200_01RSCN0254    You will find a wonderful spot to pick your own apples and pumpkins with your family. The horse drawn carriage rides offer a host of history and information as you peruse the territory. Alongside the corn maze (don’t get lost now) whose floor plan changes every year (this year it is in the form of elephants) gives you time to enjoy a little walk on the farm side. If you feel a chill you can warm up with a cup of hot cider and visit the gift shop as well. This is truly a world of fun as the staff is super friendly and will help you find whatever you’d like. See the petting area and feed the happy goats as they attempt to eat everything in sight (even your sleeve). The landscape is held in a most beautiful setting and the family’s hard work and dedication is ever evident as it is we who reap the harvest a well as the farm. It is a classic well kept place and whose tractor and fresh cider awaits your visit.


One thought on “Treworgy Family Orchards (a Maine family farm)

  1. carole

    Thanks for the wonderful report and beautiful pictures. It’s the great American success story of trying again and maybe realizing that everything happens for a reason in its own time and not our time. Love the faces on the horses.


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