Life is Short (no pun intended) Jennifer Arnold MD, And Bill Klein (the little couple)

little couple With so much enthusiasm at work here, it’s difficult to believe and accept so much turmoil at the same time. This couple is not only cute, but funny, successful, hopeful, and faces life’s “shortcomings” with a positive attitude. The show as well as the book entertain us, grant us access to the inner lives of this family, and let us in on the side bars that are so humorous if you pay attention, but hold our hearts within our hands as we tread carefully over the disappointments, near tragedies, and difficulties this family unit endures. On the lighter side Bill should consider standup comedy as a side thing. His good natured anecdotes and funny comments tosses comic relief in and all around (it isn’t all bad you know). Read about them and learn more about their many sides in this short story (no pun intended)…(well…maybe).

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