Caricatures by PJ (Paula j. Carter)

FSCN1071  Strolling around the American Folk Festival in downtown Bangor this year seemed a bit disappointing as my wife and I noticed the festival’s vendors slowly dwindling over time. What the reason is is not of any consequence, although there are rumors and speculations. In our walkabout we saw some familiar things, some new, but the most refreshing of the lot was a pleasant faced woman drawing caricatures of the general public at large (even the public at small, what ever that means). FSCN1078She scribbled, smeared, and colored with passion and a smile (something that should not be taken for granted these days). When we inquired about a sitting she doodled, diddled, and dandled until after a series of strokes gave birth to a slightly comical, most endearing, and capturing image that was soon to be a milestone to us. PJ gave us more than a caricature, she gifted our relationship with yet another aspect of ourselves. If you are looking for another side of yourself, find out where she will be next time and see her in action. Her caricatures are a fantasy, but not her smile…that’s for real.FSCN1079

Paula J. Carter Belfast Maine (207)-338-2561

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