Ringo Starr/Postcards from Paradise (continuing on the classic way)

ringo   You don’t know how refreshing it is to have a new release in classic form prevail like this album does. Ringo (who has apparently reached one name status officially on this album) has always placed his musical priorities with good strong basic great tunes that defy much of the junk being spoon fed into the music business today. Instead he is obviously more interested in multi-varied styles and surrounding himself with top grade musicians from his All Star Band and the like. This one has captured Ringo’s smooth voice in a flurry of songs that will make you rock, relax, and reminisce. Employing the great Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics on “Rory and the Hurricanes” grants us access to those good old numbers with a lot of vocal backing and a most catchy tune. Joe Walsh rides once again with a tag along cut entitled “Bridges” which lulls you along. Todd Rundgren and his lengthy guitar wizardry is featured on the title song “Postcards from Paradise”, a haunting melody with great guitar work. All of the songs have been co-written by the great Richard Starkey (AKA Ringo Star) and each one has Ringo all over it. The title cut has a most amusing set of lyrics which incorporate titles of Beatle songs and some Ringo as well. All in all, our Ringo has forever remained classic and has managed to remain an all star.

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