From a Whisper to a Scream (the best things come in fours)

scream    On a certain night when you believe you’ve heard an uncharacteristic sound coming from another room in the dead of night, a voice that only you seem to hear, or even more frightening something you see, then you’ve crossed paths with the darkness that envelopes you for its own. Much like these grisly tales of the macabre surreptitiously surrounding you with proper horror as the masterful man of the morose, Vincent Price delivers them to your doorstep. This merry moribund collection of terrifying tales from hell itself sends the message that you are not alone…ever. The little town of Oldfield harbors secrets that are about to tear the strange little village apart. Much like its victims. We’ve included executions, murders, slayings, killings, necrophilia carried out by a simple madman, and supernatural black magic in the form of voodoo leading children down the road to cannibalistic tenancies. These morbid menageries of fear will grasp you in the night as your whisper becomes a scream.


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