YES/Highlights from Seventy Two (long distance but no runaround)

yes    As the progressive rock age and all its components including massive instrumental passages of time and virtuosity beyond the threshold of imagination came to a valiant close, the true purveyors of that endeavor continued on in gallant fashion. Bands like King Crimson, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, early Genesis and the like bolstered on with their fancy finger work and tales of mountains coming out of the sky, schizoid men, and giant hogweeds. Yes has held onto a legacy that has most definitely filled the void of progressive onslaught throughout the stones of years.  These recordings created room for interesting improvisation, spectacular vocal soaring, and writing that permeated the atmosphere with a combination of talent which together formulated the band known as Yes. In their earlier days, mostly focused on their first two albums, Yes ventured through an identity crisis, not certain of their place in the music universe. However, once they established their ideals and where they headed with several magnum opus’s and intricate mastery, they have risen to remain one of the progressive giants of the industry. Much of the reasoning for the “Yessongs” album was all of the controversy surrounding the ability to replicate such complicated music live was a near impossibility. However, with their live flair and added expansions they rose above and soared to new heights. This album represents a great year in which the band gained an amazing place in the music world. They lasted a long distance but never gave us the runaround.

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