Jethro Tull/Minstrel in the Gallery:40th Anniversary La Grande Edition (no one here but us minstrel’s)

Tull minstrel     If ever there were modern day minstrel’s, Jethro Tull would be it. I can’t vouch for all of the galleries they’ve been in, but after seeing them perform countless times in many different venues, I can say that this album holds them true to their word(s). This showcase collection encases the final year of that ever wonderful lineup of musicians ever to grace the band. In their eighth effort in their musical venture Jethro Tull has surpassed those moments of mincing lyrics with fantasy and has endeavored to a higher realm of writing. What Ian Anderson proposes is a formulation of words that others never enter.

This case bound study of the “Minstrel” moment is donned with an amazing recording of the original album additionally engraved with b-sides, outtakes, and alternate cuts pertaining to the time. Also included is a live performance from Paris with a blend of their best tunes interpolating improvisational guitar riffs by Martin Barre, tagging along with flute solos, and variations of “Back Door Angels”.

In DVD glory we have musical mixes and rare footage of “Minstrel in the Gallery” live in Paris in its entire eight and a half minute splendor.

You will find some of the songs performed with a slightly unorthodox flair which for anyone who knows the language of Jethro Tull can certainly attest to the fact that they have most certainly reshaped their cuts from instrumental, to lyrical, to acoustic, and beyond.

Forty years in history and Jethro Tull continues to play in whatever gallery they wish…after all there’s no one here but us minstrels.

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