Mandala/Midnight Twilight (a house with many doors)

mandalaNow here’s a band that simply refuses to be tied down to any particular genre or musical realm. This album has generated a flurry of styles that has pretty much incorporated something for everyone. The opener for example is heavy and loud with a most prominent guitar exuding riff after riff without ceasing. Moving onto acoustical numbers that flaunt the genteel sense of the same instrument with a tender appeal. Their instrumentals are either haunting or strange or both, bordering inevitably towards some King Crimson style improvisations. The variations in direction delve indiscriminately, even touching upon the pop aspects of sound. you can gently slide into the mellow aspects of this bands well rounded range and even share in the vocal arrangements and notice the mellow and the moribund changes. Many other bands such as Todd Rundgren and Jethro Tull haven’t placed stakes in only one endeavor as well leaving the door open for many a tale to be told. And the beat goes on…in many different ways.

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