Tempest/The Tracks We Leave (Celtic kings of the open green mountains)

tempestMy wife and I adore Celtic music. And finding Tempest in a tempestuous barrage of Irish traditional songs, original numbers, and a menagerie of instrumental expression fills the atmosphere with a delightful candor for the love of its roots. This band, which has been around a long time, has endeavored to enhance its musical directions with a massive flair and choice of instruments that have created and recreated the genre, evolving it into a cross of unyielding expansion. There are many ways that this band has derived bits and pieces of instrumentation from the likes of Jethro Tull, other nations around the globe, and perhaps even the ancient druids themselves. However, fully and truly making them all their own. It’s amazing how some good old folk can be delivered into the hands of semi-progressive rock and back again which they have done. They certainly aren’t afraid of including an electric guitar to multiply their reaches into the outer regions of Celtic experimentation. The flute finds it way into the tunes as does a Calliope of many ventured instruments unknown to most, but not to the Celtic kings of the open green mountains. This album is a pleasant journey on the road less traveled by the mainstream. It is indeed a musical adventure that draws all near to it as the songs either touch your heart or bounces you into an unexpected jig. Celtic on…

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