Fireball XL5 (the complete series)

fireball  Rocket yourself into the cosmos with one of the most original and amazing pieces of nostalgic work ever put together. Welcome to the world of marionettes, or better penned by creator Gerry Anderson, supermarionation. This five DVD set includes every single episode during its time, special interviews, audio commentary and a featurette about the art of Fireball XL5. Those of you who can’t exit the earths atmosphere enough will stormtroop your way into the outer regions of space with Steve Zodiac, Venus, the professor, and no one can forget the indisputable Robert the robot who mans (or robots) the controls. The imagination is beyond evident with all of the strings in full view as marionettes are known for. The motion is wonderful and the models for the ships and such come to life in glorious black and white. This is a most collectable series noting the beginnings of space travel and warring with those terrible aliens who dare to give the crew a bad time, losing to the greatest space crew ever. Take a ride with this fireball and you’ll experience what its like to fly high.

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