Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog Race

FSCN0216     On an early cold morning, people gathered inside the Trailside Restaurant and Lounge awaiting the Plum Creek Sled Dog race with coffee in hand whilst our furry athletes were outdoors well within their element, anticipating some very serious running tactics. The race was accompanied by volunteers who not only would guide, assist, and work closely with these fearless canines but also exhibited qualities of strength in holding the sleds in place until the starting gun as the dogs were already pulling and howling for what they do best…run like the wind.FSCN0123 It was an interesting day complete with a cheering squad, photographers, and spectators watching as the participants gallantly took to the trails hoping for winning results. Warmth seemed to be on everyone’s mind once they were gone and until their return, both the thirty and sixty mile contestants would pummel the snow covered earth while we went indoors for food, discussion, and a hot cup. Many ventured out to the town to see what the local mercantiles  had for us to window shop and the like, then upon the racers gallant return, winners were announced, cheers bellowed, and ended with a perfect winters day. FSCN0223Where else in such a small setting but Greenville Maine could such an event take place bringing joy, curiosity, and multiple howls to  a momentous occasion. Woof!


2 thoughts on “Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog Race

  1. carole

    Love the little blue booties. Whatever happened to the” bootieless” dogs that strained at their leashes to get moving along the trails. This was very cute though and I just wanted to pet and hug them all. The furry ones are quite beautiful. The restaurant looks very inviting too and I can smell the hot coffee.

  2. Katie Baumgart

    Love your photos from the Wilderness Sled Dog Race. Would like to get your permission to use them elsewhere with proper credit to you. Can you get in touch with me?


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