The Collins Center for the Arts Presents “The Bangor Symphony Orchestra”

bso   The cold afternoon was immediately warmed as the Bangor Symphony Orchestra took to the stage with the music of the well known masters of the classical world, J.S. Bach and Jean Sibelius. The smooth and vivacious sounds permeated through out the arena with strength and a delicate gentleness flowing within the chosen pieces. Bach is well known for such vivacious compositions as “Bouree”, much like the uptempo sounds of Antonio Vivaldi. Wielding their instruments, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra soared about with “Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor with a many varied talents at the helm. The Jean Sibelius section paced its monolithic and epic piece Filandia with its well composed ease and highs and lows in an ever changing series of moods. Continuing with Symphony No. 1, and its menagerie of haunting sounds, similar to his other seven symphonies, his personal touch is evident in each of them. A wonderful musical event to celebrate the warmth of music in winter.

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