The Collins Center for the Arts Presents “Les Contes D’Hoffman” on February 7th from the Met

contes     In this exciting opera scheduled for February 7th at the Collins Center for the Arts brought to you from the Met, we see a story of intrigue, poetry, and of course love and its many dangers and deceptions. In a most fantastic tale of near science fiction, a mechanical doll named Olympia is the treasure of Hoffman’s eye. Stories of Zaches the dwarf are hypnotizing to Hoffman as he arrives unknowing that his arch nemesis Lindorf plots to replace him in his rendezvous and the quest for the love of the robotic Olympia. Never a dull moment in the grand world of opera. Come join us and see how this story unfolds alongside the mad thoughts that race through the mind of one in love, willing to cross any line to gain it, on February 7th at the Magnificent Collins center for the Arts starring Vittorio Grigolo. Bring your imagination…

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