The Bob Newhart Show/season five (how does so much laughter come from such a bland face?)

newhart five    How does a psychologist with the most deadpan face ever ring out perpetual guffaws of never ending peals of laughter? Boy is that an easy question…watch this season and see how within a few short minutes. The very social sometimes misanthropic cast of characters walking the earth loose can be of some assistance to this simply answerable question. A never ending neurotic tale of friendship, somewhat mild insanity, and naivety (ala Bill Daily and his comic genius) has forever launched one of the greatest comedic shows in the history of television. Bob Newhart is pathetically fantastic and has surrounded himself (unwillingly) with a host of the craziest temperamental people ever assembled in one place. Almost unpredictable situations arise all about him, leaving him either defenseless or answering to the call of his wacky dentist friend with free advice on a daily basis. Ever original to this day, you will love this show and Bob’s bland face.

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