Hill Street Blues/season four (songs sung blue)

hill stThe art of realism lies not in blood and extreme visuals. It does however, rest heavily on the writing of the story. You could have heavy hitters acting their way through their paycheck but in the end if your story has holes in it it will flow downhill. Thankfully this show never had that problem. The realism stood not solely on the actors ability to withstand their show of emotions through their craft, but in a perfect marriage of abilities coming together in a striving union to create something that was not only award winning material, but a place where the heart would be reached either with humor at times, or with sadness and anger at the helm. These streets hold a song sung in blue of many shades, and that is one reason for its success. The day to day struggles of crime fighting is never vanquished but a never ending battle continues. A terrific show that sings the blues.

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