Collins Center for the Arts Presents “Lehar’s The Merry Widow” from the Met

merry widow       As far as operas go, it is a very curious thing to see one in English, not to mention with spoken dialogue. Though a foreign language is not present, it is evident that the comedic side of such a story is almost exemplified though talking out some of the lines as well as the awkward pauses and facial expressions held by the characters in a brief moment of silence, while the others ponder and contemplate their meaning (sometimes more than one). In this brilliantly entertaining tale of a woman who insists on love with the words cast out into the air for her very ears to hear and a former lover who would apparently rather be pulled apart by wild horses than utter the words “I love you”, the most dangerous words ever spoken in his mind. And certainly not followed by marriage which has been established as a death sentence, by our gallant playboy who would much rather run around with floozie dance hall girls than face such a fate. However, jealousy does eventually bite our champion of love and casts his voice above the clouds in an admission of betrothal to the merry widow. Shenanigans, hoopla, mayhem and the like ensues throughout this tale of love, strategic maneuvers and manipulations as to the true reason for so many suitors surrounding our heroine (her supposed money), and true love disposes of the frauds and rises above as it always does. A very funny and entertaining story of havoc, and adoration at the Collins Center for the Arts from the Met.

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