Collins Center for the Arts Presents “Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg” from the Met

wagnerwagner 2This opera is quite an ambitious epic work by Richard Wagner. In the past his operas have discussed such subjects as personalities, theories, and art with a sharp fixation upon each idea as if it were the only important matter at the given moment. This is how attentive he was to his art. Repelled by his critics for his egotism, dubious ethical conduct, and an indulgent extravagant lifestyle, his achievements speak for themselves. His preeminence as a composer was only rivaled by Giuseppe Verdi as one of the greatest operatic creators of all time. Nonetheless, this genre was wide open to all of those whose heart would take part…and Wagner did. The words, music, and stagecraft were all integrated elements needed to convey the psychological and emotional aspects of the characters and their nuances and the dramas they tell.  This tale of love and artistic rivalry set in the middle ages spawns the boisterous crowds of Nurnberg, the nobility of the old cobbler-poet Hans Sachs, the love between the young couple Walther and Eva, and Walther’s triumph over the stuffy Beckmesser in a singing contest and are dramatically fulfilled in a wondrous tapestry of talent. Opera has always been one of the major forms of storytelling in our history and will forever remain a bold and beautiful representation of voice, acting, and tears. The Collins Center for the Arts provides us with a portal into the world of such an illustration by means of the Met with many great tales to be told. Viva la opera!

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