High Tide Restaurant (a place for all seasons)

FSCN1253The secret to success is a fleeting one. Much like a theory, everybody’s got one. However, when you place your spirit into something that’s important to you, then you begin to have a recipe for winning. My beautiful wife and I had the privilege to have dined at one of the finest establishments over the Christmas season, the High Tide. We were most interested in what they had to offer that would be different from it predecessors. But where one fails, another with determination enters.FSCN1242 Besides having a wonderful view of the water and the many sparkling lights shining brightly about the town, the inside has not only been recast, but more of a rebirth has occurred with a new vision following.FSCN1252 Boasting a bar adorned with atmosphere serving year round, the sights and sound are quite appealing to the visiting crowd. Where Bar Harbor sleeps deeply in its hibernation and shuts its doors till the next season, this seafaring enterprise is available year round replicating the Bar Harbor feel in your own backyard with a mood all its own.FSCN1249 And when those warmer days don the climate, the outside has a grand display of seating and a bar al fresco amidst the waters edge for those of us who wish to languish in the outdoor experience with their delectable and appetizing meals. Their fish is prepared in many different ways with sizable portions to keep the tummy happy. All of their delicacies are prepared with care accompanied by the vital service expected when dining out. A vast selection, doting surroundings, and culinary delights that will tantalize the tongue will create the very wonder that is High Tide. If you are having a gathering of friends and family, their private room is available with the same wondrous views alongside pleasing decor.FSCN1245 Our season’s experience was one of a full circle of joy as we became enthralled with our little world within the walls of High Tide. I’m sure you will too.

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