Mannheim Steamroller/Christmas Symphony one and two by Chip Davis

m s 1m s 2m s hot choc   American Gramaphone has graciously released Mannheim Steamroller like never before. The symphonic and newly orchestrated versions of our best Christmas tales of new and old are reborn with excellent sound quality and even some musical surprises. These wonderful variations are even recorded into what is known as a Renaissance Suite. A beautiful culmination of freshly devised pieces into an amazing medley. Some bonus tracks are featured as well. These particular albums feature members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra only adding to the already noted precision of instrumental perfection. Play these well loved songs during Christmas time and put a smile on everyone’s face. And speaking of smiling. Have you tried the Mannheim Steamroller Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Yet? No? Well, do it as soon as you can. It’s a Chip Davis original recipe and it enters into the realm of a world where chocolate and cinnamon become one. It’s delicious and rich. Have a cup while you play these great albums for the full effect. It’s a Merry Christmas in a mug. Buon Natale!


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