Mannheim Steamroller/30/40 (celebrating thirty years)

mannheim 1Taking something you love and handing it over to Mannheim Steamroller makes it even more adoring. Our favorite Christmas songs of love, peace, and joy are expanded through the musical looking glass. The band’s musical multiplicity and reshaping of Christmas melodies and making them their own adds a flavorful additive to an already loved classic. In this recording our instrumental heroes have fashioned so many in such a way that they are recreated with symphonic flair and sometimes even whimsical storytelling with the many loosed notes. The instruments are delightful in their serenity in accordance to the tone of the song. From the powerful to the fragile, their awesome ability to represent such classics as “Deck the Halls”, “We Three Kings”, and “Greensleeves” (with lyrics) are of wonderful grandeur. Their semi originals are fantastic. Taking bits and pieces and hinting in a direction you’re familiar with and casting an entirely new melody creates what is known as Mannheim Steamroller.


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