Annie Haslam/Live Studio Concert (Philadelphia, Pa, USA 1997) DVD

scan    With the release of Renaissance’s latest album, “Symphony of Light”, after fourteen years in solace, Annie Haslam’s vocals are of stellar quality. Her sterling capacity continues to soar and surpass the exceeding voice she draws to us and herself and her union with the songs. The recording is brilliant in nature and clarity. Her visitation to the past in regard to singing “Carpet of the Sun” and even the latter day choice from the album “Novella” brings us to a time when the band was at its peak with a flourishing spark of talented musicians. The day has come with her solo albums yet another cast of splendidly able minstrels and a host of new cuts co-written with fellow band mates and a fresh slice of Annie Haslam integrated with the terms of Renaissance and its fine acoustical mastery. The concert is quite a casual one in a very intimate setting. The audience and Annie are at home in comfort with the unity of the two, and the expressive gift of the sound and appreciation blend in an extraordinary accomplishment. Ending with “The Young Prince and Princess” from the album “Scheherazade and Other Stories” brings together a closing of Annie and her wonderful dalliance that has placed her music in a place of monolithic proportions with her ever soaring vocals recorded in a live setting.

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