Welcome back Kotter/the complete second season (taking it to the classroom) )

kotter  Welcome back to the classroom of no knocks. You can always depend on these characters to redefine education wherever it’s necessary (and some places where it’s not).  Of course the responsibility of reining in these wild cards and actually teaching them a bit of enriching knowledge is far more difficult than building an ark. What do we expect from them? Well…Mr. Kotter has to deal with the fact that he was once himself a sweat-hog, the delightful relationship he holds with his much less than altruistic principal, and the list of never ending list of excuses spilling out from our fantastic four are just a few.. Now, without question, Epstein rules the roost with his bombastically bogus notes from home usually signed Epstein’s mother. Questions with no answers and answers with no questions  are the soup of the day in this fun filled room full of life studies. This season offers the boys putting on a play with incorrigible results, Boom Boom gets a crack at radio stardom, Epstein attempts kicking the smoking habit, and Mr. Kotter’s quick witted advice hopes to penetrate some very thick skulls. Yes, some things are learned on the streets, but it seems these boys are taking to the classroom.

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