Gentle Giant/live at the bicentennial 1776-1976

giant   With all of the modern-day technology we have at our fingertips, it would be considered an odd thing to rely strictly upon our own steam without a net. And the recording industry would be no different. Magic is performed within those walls and a nice shiny album usually pops out for us to give an ear or two. I like live events and recordings as well, and some of the greatest moments have been captured in this vein. Gentle Giant approached this album with raw power without the benefit of studio retouching to bring us an honest depiction of their provocative talent unleashed with no nets allowed. The result is a great instrumentation and outstretching vocal capacities emanating into the far reaches of the cosmos and beyond. It would be placed next to “Grand Funk Railroad Live” and “Jethro Tull Live at the Isle of Wight” where perfection is cast to the wind and the musicians emotions and firm grip on the instrument prevail with no overdubs or enhancements to poison the waters. Some of the songs featured were not the usual tunes expected and that was a strange curiosity in itself to be able to hear them live. You may be familiar however with “Excerpts from Octopus” fashioned as a redirected abridged version of the original. These boys were in their true element here and though it’s an unusual circumstance, the result is Gentle Giant as a roaring lion (gently…of course).

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